Friday, 14 December 2007

XOBNI is INBOX backwards. And it makes MS Outlook look good.

Who's your number 1 email contact??

Fred Wilson posted back in September about this app and hey, it only taken me 3 months to get a download invite but hey, I got there in the end. XOBNI is cool: its a plugin which adds a new panel of information in your Outlook Window. Information includes:

  • information on the sender: how many emails sent/received, usage patterns, contact details and ranking
  • people connected to the sender
  • your conversations with the sender
  • files exchanged with the sender
You can have a lot of fun working out your top ten ranking email buddies but the best thing is the "threaded email conversations" panel.
Let me explain: I hate email filing. And I'm not a fan of rules and filters. (I also hate Outlook but work ensures I experience Outlook Monday to Friday 9 to5)
Anyway, the point is everything tends to stay in my inbox which makes it a nightmare; so much information is buried in there like files, conversations and ideas which are time consuming to find again 2 weeks or 12 months later.

Now, here's the good part: Xobni shows the sender information, connections, conversations etc in panels. Click on any conversation (which is grouped by "email subject") and one new panel pops up with the conversation thread. Who said what and when. You can use the + and - slider to show as much or as little of the threads.

Xobni is a really simple, fast way to make your email activity productive activity. Highly recommended. Go to Xobni now!

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matt brezina said...

Hey Kaiser,

I absolutely love this post. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with regard to what we were trying to accomplish, and you the perfect example of a user groups we are targeting. Let me explain: 1st, we are like you. We're too lazy to organize our inboxes, set rules, etc. We made Xobni work hard so we could work lazy. 2nd, I love how you explained that you MUST use Outlook from 9-5. There are millions of people just like you, toiling with Outlook for 8 hours/day. We made Xobni to make your life better.

I'm glad you are lovin Xobni and sorry the invite took so long. Thanks for your support. Just wait for what is next....