Thursday, 6 December 2007

Predictive text entry coming soon to a mobile near you

ok, I've been checking out Zach's blog One app that has received critical acclaim is Adaptxt language software.

Its cool: it actually maps itself to your individual writing style so when it predicts, it predicts something that is:

  1. relevant
  2. in context
  3. personal to me
  4. generally something useful and not the random nonsense you get from T9
It sounds heavenly. Imagine, predictive text that actually works.! :)
The Nokia S60 version isn't available yet but you can get info here from the developer's website. has a review (cos they got hold of the software somehow!) with screenshots and video.

Windows Mobile versions are available. I just tied it on my iPaq and it works well...with qwerty and stylus. Here is a screenshot to wet your tastebuds:

Sign up to be told when the symbian beta is released on the KeyPoint site.

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